Orion 10273 Telescope

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Focal Length = 400 mmFocal Ratio = f/5.0


This center central length refractor telescope gives brilliantly wide sees the night sky. Compact and hassle-free, it's simple to require exterior and set up, and simple to bring in when you're done. This pint-sized refractor too incorporates the useful MoonMap 260 to assist you to identify interesting lunar highlights you'll be able to see within the telescope.

Product Information
Orion 10273 Telescope
Model Brand Orion
Model Product Model 10273
Model Type Telescope
Other Optical Design Refractor
Other Focal Ratio f/5.0
Other Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 80 mm
Other Diagonal 90°
Other Finderscope Reflex sight
Other Tripod Aluminum
Other Focal Length 400 mm
Other Aperture 80 mm
Other Mount Type Equatorial
Other Optical Tube Length 112 mm
Other Warranty 1 Year Limited

Manufacturer Info

Manufacturer : Orion
Manufacturer Product Page : https://eu.telescope.com/catalog/search.cmd?form_state=searchForm&siteCode=EU&keyword=10273

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